Aero Club Etruria has been founded back in 2006, and it's part of the Aero Club d' Italia. It was founded by those skydivers who were formerly part of the skydiving section within the Aeroclub L.Centini; the founding members were promoting skydiving over Arezzo since 1970.
In 2007 Aero Club Etruria got, from ENAC, Direzione Aeroporti Toscani, the grant for the Arezzo Airport areas where the hangar and boxes of the club's are currently located. Even if the Aero Club Etruria promotes several flight disciplines, skydiving is the one, among all the air sports, which is mostly practiced by club members.
The airport facilities provide all the infrastructures and ground equipment required by the activities of Scuola di Paracadutismo Etruria, authorized by ENAC, which founds in Aero Club Etruria all the tools and most advanced rigs for teaching skydiving and to introduce students to this activity. Rooms, video equipment, specific tools for simulations, skydiving rigs and instruments are available to instructors and to students as well. It is possible to use accomodations, during the the weekend, boogies or competitions, for a total amount of 32 people, including restrooms and showers.
Aero Club Etruria it's well known in the Italian Skidiving community, for the big volume of jumps, for the students who are attending skydiving courses organized by Scuola di Paracadutismo Etruria and for the teaching attitude, that has always been one of the club's missions. That made Aero Club Etruria appreciated by Italian Army which frequently leverage its facilities for training purposes.

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